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My Background


I've loved taking boudoir pictures over the last couple of years.  I became inspired in 2016 to focus my photography on plus size erotic imagery when I began to realize most plus size women are not seen in that "sexy light".  So I decided to embrace my darker side and strip down, throw myself on the internet and use my body as well as  my photos to break the stereotype. I am over 45 and a Plus Size Body Image Advocate!

Photography as Communication

My full time day job I own a Womens pole fitness studio. Prior to that I owned a Hair Salon after years of working thousands of women I began to realize our body image issues as a society run deep.

Sharing Stories


Through my photos, I invite you to celebrate my "darker, repressed side as I bring her to the surface and into the spotlight" that  women I choose to unapologetically unleash, as the playful, sexy, lil minx that she is!

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