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Got Sex Goals? Your Sexual Journey Begins Here!13 Steps to BECOMING YOUR AUTHENTIC SEXUAL SELF is literally a road map based on 13 Key Principles to apply into your everyday life.

This is an intro ebook which includes 28 pages of high quality, erotic photos!

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Here's where you get to have fun, be creative AND ask a clinical sexologist a question of specific sexual concern or issue you may have. I can respond to the best of my ability confidentially. *Please note confidentially applies to "consensual adult" relationships.

Your issue or concern may vary such as; a fetish you have that is consensual but maybe you are feeling guilt or shame about like BDSM or other consensual kinks. Your question maybe partner related, or how to's tips and tricks to WOW your partner etc. If your question is something I can not help or answer I can provide resources for you as well.

*Lastly with your 15 photos please note that prices can vary based on team apparel, props etc... Please email after purchase to submit question and custom details. 


One Month Access to my Snap Premium! Every Thursday 7pm EST. I do a LIVE show on Instagram @zandra_leeart123.  My weekly show content is focused on "HOT TOPICS" centered around tips, tricks, how to's relationships, understanding sexual hang-ups, body shaming, latest topics in the news, etc... as well as the 13 Principles of Becoming Your Authentic Sexual Self and will also include; beautiful, erotic, high quality photos!

Its Value packed and where you will directly get to chat with me and be part of my content development!

Ebook-"Your Sexual Road Map, the Journey Begins Here"

This is my intro ebook a prelude to me 13 part ebook series "Becoming Your Authentic Sexual Self."  Every ebook in the series will include beautiful, erotic high quality photos, that I will share with you along your journey!

Each ebook will be will come out and focus on one of the 13 Principles that I incorporated into my daily life from a middled aged plus sized woman with sever body image issues where I am now, at peace with my body, sexuality, and desire for enhanced sexual pleasure during solo or partner sex. And while the photos are beautiful and all the content provides VALUE that any reader can build off of and incorporate into their lives for greater sexual pleasure, build sexual self esteem, heal old wounds and enhance relationships.