Body Image Sex Coaching Sessions

What exactly does that mean and what is the Pricing? Body Images Sexy Coaching Coaching Sessions are private via; online chat, Facetime or Snapchat sessions for 1 hour. Body Image Sex Coaching is working through issues & concerns such as; fears, guilt, shame, sexual trauma, with the goal of moving you towards positive growth, change with a new “empowered” perspective on your body and sex. As your Body Image Sex Coach your sessions will include one on one coaching discussions with me Zandra Lee for one hour as well as “homeplay (homework assignments) and various tools to get you exactly where you desire to be.

1 One Hour Body Image Sex Coaching Session $75
3 Pack Body Image Sex Coaching $200
5 Pack Body Image Sex Coaching $318

I am a professional Body Image Sex Coach. I am not a sex surrogate, escort, porn star, cam girl etc…I truly respect all forms of sex work and the professional services provided for those seeking out such services although that is not what I do, my passion is in working with people professionally as a motivational speaker, writer and coach to provide healing within their body and sex life.

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