Why Seek My Services

Because there are thousands of self help books out there as is there are thousands of fitness & diet regimes out there, there are thousands of "how to programs" many commercial ads & media that tell us daily we are broken, we are shamed for being too big, too thin, too feminine, too masculine, too sexual, too frigid, the list goes on and on.  Well how about being ENOUGH in the NOW...we are not broken, we are "out of touch".  I have lived my life feeling not enough and broken and here I am now, as you see me ENOUGH and finally IN TOUCH with my Authentic Sexual Self.  Let me show you how to get there as well!

My Services are for both Men & Women. My work with men is in erotism. My imagery attracts them, my video content arouses them, my intellectual content helps them to better understand and get in touch with their desire, their arousal cycles without feeling the shame or guilt that is often projected onto men who love sex, who love pleasure, who love and appreciate the beauty, sensuality and sexuality of a sexually confident woman. It also focuses on their desire to "learn" their partner as well, how to talk about sexual matters, fantasy, desire in a way that feels safe to her & him both, in a way that expresses his love and respect for her, so they can enjoy a fun, enriched, intimate life together.

My work with women takes women away from "the mentality, the lies" we have been force fed to believe by billion dollar companies that we are not enough, the lie from religions that our bodies are to be covered, the lies of even today's social media platforms that strike out at the feminine human form using "account control" tactics, "shadow bans" deactivation  as a tool to break "women" into submission so our sexuality is not seen and honored as it should by our birthright. My work forces women to look into the mirror and admit, she has abused herself, body shaming, fat shaming, herself and she has fat shamed, slut shamed, spiritually abused her fellow sisters, while blaming man and society in the process. My work puts a spotlight on women that her indoctrination to this reality  she chose she owned but she can banish it! She can own a NEW truth and in that NEW truth she can find Sexual Freedom,
Divine Freedom within her very own body honoring her temple, as a Goddess would, her Sexuality as Aphrodite herself would, Love Her Body as Freya would.

Zandra Lee, Zandra Leeart