A little about me

Hi, I’m Zandra Lee I am a “Sexual Motivational Speaker & Writer” I use erotic images of myself to literally grasp my audience’s attention to get my message heard.  I’m everything society tells us is not sexually erotic.  I am 5’1 and ½ (I always have to add that ½) I’m over 200 pounds and I’m in my 40’s. I  am the owner of a women's fitness studio and have accumulated over 50k followers on Instagram in less then 6 months! Not bad for a chubby, middle aged woman!

My Exploration

I began to explore my true sexual self while in the "Sex Expert" course at Sex Coach U while on my path as a Clinical Sexologist. The program itself should of only taken 2 years to complete... for me it has taken 4 years! For many reasons; I really DOVE into my work. I’m the type of person that needs to believe strongly in a "process" before I integrate it into my life. When I do integrate something into my life not only do I become very passionate about it, I explore it, become creative with it, I get very passionate about sharing whats helped me with others!

As a Clinical Sexologist my goal is to help people identify their true “AUTHENTIC SEXUAL SELVES” at their current place in life.  My passion is to help men & women move toward healthy perceptions of their bodies, their sexuality their desire for sexual pleasure; giving themselves permission to thrive in the skin they live in without feeling guilt or shame while literally embracing their fears in this relm & working with those fears moving towards a path of healing.  My work is centered on embracing a healthy, happy attitude about our bodies, our sexuality and our desire for erotic passion. Let me show you HOW to become your "AUTHENTIC SEXUAL SELF" and discover what that REALLY means for YOU!


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Know Thyself

Each of us is unique in the regards to our sexual identity, do you know who you are sexually aside from "duty" sex, the "quickie" or the "wham bam thank you mam" Set up your FREE 30 min Sex Coaching Session with me ASAP!

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Sexual Acceptance

Its time that we as a society stop shaming our innate sexual desires and learn to explore our sexual selves, openly with ourselves & our significant others/partners.  Add some fun play to your sexual repertoire by exploring various "adult" toys to enhance pleasure & spice in your bedroom.

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Explore Your Dark Side (Embracing Fear)

For years I let my perception of my body size determine "what was sexy" In my mind I was not attractive, I did not feel sexy or an erotic being unless I was a size 8 or below.  For me, it was not until I literally stripped my clothes off was I able to confront my darkest fears and begin the healing process! I am an EXPERT in body image issues and can help guide you on a path to facing your fears, your body shame using that fear as a TOOL towards your healing to become your FULL AUTHENTIC Sexual Self!!

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